The Bud Racing training camp association is affiliated to the French Motorcycling Federation. The Moto Club circuit complies with FFM regulations. As such, the insurance guarantees attached to the FFM license, in particular civil liability insurance and individual accident insurance, are applicable. Additional guarantees can be taken out by the licensees. For any information, contact the FFM legal department. Anyone entering the site must be aware of these regulations and the admission conditions and undertakes to comply with them.

The rules inherent to the practice of motorcycling sport decreed by the FFM must be respected on this site. Motorcycling sport is not exempt from certain risks. In order to limit them, it is essential to adopt a responsible attitude both on and off the track and to respect these rules. The ground is intended for initiation, training and competition within the framework of the practice of motocross. 

Article 1: object These regulations define the use of the Bud Racing training camp site for training purposes.

Section 1: Conditions of access to the land

Article 2:

Opening of the field Every day except Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. during school periods and EVERY day during school vacations and public holidays. Open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in July-August and in exceptional ways until 11:30 p.m. The land is accessible under the following conditions: Anyone wishing to access the field must first: -Have presented their annual membership card or paid the daily membership fee. -Have obtained the authorization of the legal guardian -Be FFM licensed or have taken out daily insurance with the motorcycle club The motorcycle club office or the training manager may at any time and without notice, close the field, in particular for technical, climatic or safety reasons. In the event that no responsible member of the Bud Racing Training Camp is present, the circuit is closed.

Article 3: Administrative control To access the field, the pilots must contact the person in charge, and be up to date with their contributions. The pilots can at any time be the subject of an administrative control by the persons in charge. During this check, the pilots must be courteous to the person in charge who comes to ask for the papers or who requires him to respect these regulations.

Section 2: Security

Article 4: Supervision The maximum number of vehicles that can circulate on each circuit is 55 motorcycles or 35 side-cars and quads. No driver is allowed to drive alone on the track. The direction of circulation on the circuits is currently counterclockwise. However, in agreement with the FFM, the direction of the circuit may be changed in the years to come.

Article 5: Pilot safety Wearing the protective equipment required by current sporting regulations (RTS FFM) is compulsory. Pilots must, when traveling outside the limits of the track - Ride at very moderate speed -Avoid any dangerous maneuver -Prohibition to ride outside the limits of the motocross field -We recommend that pilots have a fire extinguisher and an environmental mat.

Article 6: Safety of accompanying persons The public and accompanying persons are strictly prohibited inside the grounds.

Article 7: Machines The machines used by the pilots must respect the technical rules (RTS FFM) relating to the practice of motocross.

Article 8: Responsibility of the club The moto club declines all responsibility for thefts suffered by users.

Article 9: Insurance Bud racing training camp has taken out insurance with the company Gras Savoye.

Section 3: Environment

Article 10: Installations The facilities and other site equipment made available to users must be respected. As such, any act of degradation or likely to affect the integrity of the site's facilities may be prosecuted.

Article 11: Waste treatment Site users are required to take their waste with them.

Section 4: Sanction

Article 12: Exclusion In the event of non-compliance with these provisions and / or any rule enacted by the FFM, offenders may, depending on the seriousness of the facts, be subject to temporary or definitive exclusion from the site. Any behavior deemed dangerous by the person in charge may result in the exclusion of the pilot.

Section 5: Educational platform

No parent will be tolerated inside the educational platform. The use of the educational site can only be done under the responsibility of a person with federal competence.

Section 6: Motorcycle lessons Access to the circuit is prohibited during motorcycle lessons.

For the office the president Stéphane Dassé